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Сперва “аз” да “буки”, а потом науки

Walk before you can run / first things first

Не плюй в колодец, пригодится водицы напиться

Let every man praise the bridge he goes over / Actions can boomerang / Cast no dirt into the well that hath given you water / Don’t bite the hand that feeds you / a bird doesn’t **** in its own nest

Меньше говорить, меньше согрешить

Great talkers are great liars, he that talks much errs much

Пустой мех надувается от ветра, пустая голова - от чванства

He is so full of himself that he is quite empty. Lit.: An empty furskin inflates from the wind, an empty head - from conceit

Не начинай дело с конца, не надевай хомут с хвоста

Don’t put the cart before the horse

Собака, что лает-редко кусает

Barking dogs seldom bite 

C волками жить - по-волчьи выть

One must howl with the wolves, f you have to live with a beast, you will learn to howl at least…

Чем богаты, тем и рады

What is [humble and] ours is also yours; help yourself to our humble offerings (said to guests being called to a set table laden with food)

Собака лает - ветер носит

It’s the empty can that makes the most noise, the moon doesn’t heed the barking of dogs, one should not pay attention to such things (to dirty gossip, rumours, threats, and the like)

Cобака лает, а караван идёт

Dogs may bark but the caravan moves on. Efforts are in vain…

Яблоко от яблони далеко не падает

Like father, like son, a chip off the old block…

Со стороны виднее

Onlookers see more of the game

Кому поведётся, у того и петух несётся

Nothing succeeds like success

Что лошади в пользу, то мышке смерть

Lit.: What’s useful to a horse is death to a mouse. One man’s meat is another man’s poison

Сколько голов, столько и умов

Lit.: How many heads, as many minds. + Each to their own, different strokes for different folks…